Slipway Incident
After being made aware of a very serious incident at the Harbour slipway this week, which could have resulted in severe injury or even worse to the many families enjoying the beach at that time and to the bystanders on the promenade, Portpatrick Harbour Committee has had to take immediate action on Health and Safety grounds.
Lockable fold down bollards have now been installed at the top of the slipway to prevent a repeat of what was a shocking incident which showed a total disregard for the safety of others.
Anyone wishing to use the slipway will now be required to contact the Harbour in advance via telephone/email.
We trust that everyone understands the necessity for these measures and that the safety of families on this very busy beach and within the vicinity of the slipway is paramount.
Emergency services have been informed of these changes and have been supplied with access to the beach at all times.